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Hi all, just wondering if anyone had an explanation for my problem. Every now and then my computer bluescreens. which is annaying, and when i restart, my computer takes a while to load back up. and every 10secs or so i hear my hdd make a *click* noise while loading. Does anyone else think this is and hard drive issue? should i get a new harddrive or jusr re-install windows? please help!
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  1. You might have more than one of the following issues:
    1) hard drive failing
    2) bad RAM (or incorrect BIOS settings)
    3) software issues

    Does the "click" sound like a light metallic pin dropping into place? That could indicate a failing hard drive.

    1) run MEMTEST www.memtest.org OR www. ultimatebootcd.com

    2) consider CLONING to a new hard drive

    3) run hard drive diagnostics (might not catch the problem though)
  2. if its clicking i would replace it. back up your data before doing any diags, if the HD is on its last leg the stress of a diag can bury it. improperly torqued screws in the HD case can cause a drive to click but if its old it could just be wearing out.

    replacement is the safest option and if you do it before the drive fails you can clone it over to a new one.
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