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i have lenovo y 410. my optical drive can only detect original cd or dvd. but it could detect any thing for 1 yr after its purchase. now no dvd or cd written from other computer can be detected. needless to say that it also can not write any thing. it gives power calibration error while writing. my optical drive is slot in type and it is matshita dvd ram uj85 js. please help me and tell what to do
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  1. can you tell me why my drive only detects original one?
  2. i mean authenticated cd or dvd not pirated one or not written from other computers. it can detect windows vista home basic recovery dvd (which i got with my laptop lenovo y410), oxford advance learners dictionary cd (which i got free from the book), Nokia PC suit cd, genuine audio cd having lots of scratch on them, but can not detect newly and freshly written cd or dvd from other computers.
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