Adding heatsinks to VRM chips on a Asus M5A97

First post, and I just wanted to say hey! Anyway, I'm working on my first build, and I've picked out the Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 to work with my FX-4130. I'm going to overclock this build, and I've heard that the VRMs on this board might overheat with the added stress. A solution to this would be to install some heatsinks onto the chips and point a small case fan at them to pull the heat off the spreaders. I'm trying to decide what to which heatsinks I should get. The primary choices are:

I don't have very extensive funds, so I'd prefer to spend as little as possible, and the cosmos certainly fit that bill. I'm not sure they'll be quite good enough though so I'm considering the Enzotechs as well.

Also, where the hell are my VRM chips? Are they this guys highlighted in the squares in the pic below? Do I just stick em there?

Thanks team.
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    The things in the yellow squares are resistors or chokes, they are not a concern. The transistors (FET's which do heat up) are just below those. This picture shows where the VRM heatsink should be located (say's MOS_HS, just a generic picture, not specific to your board). In the upper right of the pic you can see the outline of the heatsink placement point which circles the 11 transistors there.
    Hope it helps
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