RAM is ok being used by RW drive..safe?

dell vostro 1520 and as far as i know it just has RW

i have RAM from my panasonic burner...i put it in the dell and did one small test video file..it copied over and then was able to be deleted from the RAM

so how is it that possible and can i use the RAM to safely offload some files? just seems too good to be true...it also says MEI UDF

it's taking forever to copy a huge file now but hey, if it works it's good enough for me
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  1. i assume you are talking about dvd-ram and not system ram. dvd-ram drives were very common on macs but didnt catch on very well. they work much like a HD does where you can read and write to them with out needing to do alot of formatting and such. dvd drives can often read ram disks but just not write to them unless they have the ram write feature.
  2. so does the fact that i 'can' write to ram mean it will be reliably read in the future? i let it run overnight and all my files did transfer over so i guess i should be happy

    i definitely wont put the ram in any other machine in case there's something unique about the way things were saved.
  3. im still assuming you are talking about a dvd disk. if so then you can put that in any comp and read it so long as the DVD drive supports it and it will last you untill you erase over it or 26 years pass, they tend to degrade relativity quickly.

    as for system ram, there are some boards that keep power to your ram so it does not loose data, however once you remove ram from such a board its data is lost, you can not use them for permanent storage or data transfer between comps.
  4. yes DVD ram, it just doesnt make sense that an incompatible drive actually will use my RAM..i'm happy about it but i worry ill move all my files over then it not work and i lose them

    but common sense says if it works, it works..but then what do i know about compatibility lol
  5. on the rams you need a RAM drive to write to the disk, a DVD Rom can read from it but just not write
  6. i guess i was lucky enough dell gave me the wrong drive :)
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