Attempting to diagnose a friends computer that runs and operates perfectly fine but upon attempting to either turn off or restart (reboot) it displays the logging off screen then BSOD with the following "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL ***STOP: 0X0000000A (0X00000000, 0X00000002, 0X00000001, 0X804F9D54)" error. Pressing the start button (while in BSOD) to either reboot or shut down is followed by absolutely normal and expected operation.

I've come across this MS article which is likely the grail for diagnosing but was hoping someone might save me a bit of process of deduction (as it is a somewhat lengthy procedure) and have some first-hand experience concerning my particular failure scenario with a "been there done that" bit of insight.

Any info much appreciated.
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  1. Try to remember the time (and date) of the blue screen error (or, if you can't, then generate another blue screen error). Then run the "Event Viewer" to check Windows "System" Logs for "critical" errors.
    You can run the event viewer from the command prompt:
    C:\> EVENTVWR.msc
    ...then expand "windows logs". Click "System", to see which messages appeared at the same time as the blue-screeen messagenode to see all the (informationals and warnings and) critical errors, listed in reverse chronological order.
  2. electronian said:
    ...Then run the "Event Viewer" to check Windows "System" Logs for "critical" errors.

    Thanks for the reply electronian.

    Yeah, I'm kicking myself right now. I actually first looked at this problem a month ago and pulled the error codes from the viewer. Thought I wrote them down but can't locate 'em at the moment and for the life of me haven't a clue in memory. I'll get the box hooked up again tomorrow and read the event viewer for the code(s).
  3. Finally had a chance to hook this box back up and check the event viewer. Because of all the prior tests done to the system I decided to simply clear all the events, duplicate the error and then recheck the viewer.

    Now for the interesting -- After clearing all events I proceeded to shut down the computer, this resulted in the BSOD containing the verbiage and error code referenced in the first post. Pressing the computer start button completed the shut down process as expected. Pressing the button again has the computer boot up and start normally. An inspection of the event viewer shows NO critical events logged (all four logs), only normal info. I repeated the shut down/start up cycle five times with each one producing the BSOD on shut down. I checked the event viewer after each restart and found no critical errors produced.

    In fear of muddying the water I can add that I did locate my notes from a month ago and see I referenced a Critical Error Code of "7023" but how valid that is towards the current BSOD is highly debatable considering I can not currently trigger it even though the failure is repeatable.

    I'm beginning to think based on this recent test with no event viewer critical codes being logged that it is most likely a hardware problem.

    Probably should also note that this problem was first realized when the computer would not shut down. Attempts to turn it off would result in the system simply restarting. It was only after un-checking the OS option of automatically restarting on system failure that I was even aware of the BSOD.

    Compaq Presario
    XP Home
    AMD Sempron
    2Gb matched RAM
    OS and all drivers have current updates applied
    Avast & Malwarebytes updated and run

    I'd appreciate any opinions.
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