Issues after bios & CPU upgrade!

Hey everybody,

Today i installed an Intel i7 970, in order for my motherboard to support the cpu i needed to update the bios to 1108 ( P6T Deluxe V2). After the bios update my computer will only see 4gigs of ddr3 1600 instead of 6gig, Why would this happen? Im just so comfused. I have no idea what the problem is and have no idea what i should rma or replace to fix the issue.

Before the bios update my computer was running awesome, the only reason i even got the i7 970 was because it was a great price.

Also i have moved the ram dimms around and can seem to find a problem, ive moved dimms around to differant spots and still got the same results. Can anybody give me a few ideas on what the problem maybe?

At some point tomorrow i might take the time to put my old cpu back in ( the i7 970 cpu fan is a bitch to put on) and check to make sure no pins got bent.

Here is my system:

Intel i7 970
6 gigs of ddr3 1600
Asus P6T Deluxe V2
ATI 5970
80gig Raid 0 intel ssd
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  1. Update:

    Just wanted to add cpu-z tells me i have 6gigs of ram, im also able to view the speed of all the dimms but yet windows and my bios still tells me i only have 4gigs.
  2. If that's 32Bit Windows...... you'll not see anything more than that, incase it's 64Bit then PLZ post a CPUz screenshot of the Processor, Motherboard and Memory pages here....
  3. Did your OS see all 6GB before the BIOS update? A 32 bit OS will only see 4GB of RAM (32 bit address space == 4GB) Actually it will typically see about 3 1/5 GB because the extra 1/2 GB is reserved for memory mapped I/O. However a 32 bit OS can address more RAM if it supports page address extension (pae.) Perhaps the upgrade disabled pae. You may need to enable that in the BIOS or you may need to reconfigure/reload something in Windows to use that (if it worked before.)
  4. Sadly this is not the case, lastlnight i put my old cpu back in (i7 920) and down graded the bios. Now the computer is only seeing 2 gigs of ram. So today im going to bring my ram to a friends house to check.

    Also i have windows 7 ult 64bit running on my system.
  5. Ok, so lets see the CPUz Screenshots here plz.
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