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hi, so i bought a new video card nvidia geforce 9400 gt nd a new power supply i pluged in everything and everything is redy to go when i powred the computer up it shows nothing but a black screen and the computer and the power supply are running and fine but noyhing from my moniter i tried to plug it back to the other (on board ) graphic card but no luck can u guys plz help me thx
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  1. What PSU did u have? Brand?
    Are the fans are spinning?
    Led or something?
  2. List your full specs
  3. @wa1,,, yeah everything works fine in my computer but i cant manage to have any screen all it shows is a black screen and my power supply brand is Rocketfish™ - 500-Watt ATX CPU Power Supply bytheway even when i plug in my other power supply the samething happenes like everything works but u cant see nothing
  4. @megamanx00,,,,,intel pentium4 ht(3 ghz) 2g ram,128 onboard videocard (Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset)i dont think that u need to know about my other stuff but if u know or need anything let me know, hope u guys could help me out thx
  5. Do u have an onboard graphic on your motherboard?
    Did u disabled it?
  6. yeah i have onboard graphic on my motherboard and i wont to the device manger nad disabled it. any one knows whats wrong
  7. Like i said before, u can disabled it from BIOS menu...
    Just hit "del" key on the POST screen...
  8. yeah i looked in their but it shows no options about any graphic card or anything
  9. try putting the monitor into a vga adapter if possible. gforce cards, at least the 6000 ones had problems with some monitors in dvi, at least mine did. when i changed it to vga, it worked fine
  10. i did try that i even tryed it on my flat screen tv but nothing seems to work
  11. hi guys i tried to rset the cmos batery but no luck any ideas thx
  12. today i tried to update my bios but no luck at all same problem i realy need help thx
  13. ok whatever thanks alot for nothing
  14. have another computer? so u can try your card there to make sure whether the card is broken or not...
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