How to setup power cables once motherboard is in new case and PSU?

Hi, Im moving my motherboard, CPU and Ram into a Thermaltake V9 Black Edition case, Im also getting a new PSU and dont know how to connect power led's at the front like power, reset and HD activity light. Can anyone tell me please how to connect them?? Also any other power cables apart from Dvd's etc....
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  1. First, check your current MOBO setup and how the front panel connectors are connected before removing the MOBO. This can be said for the rest of the components, as well. Take a few pictures, if need be for reference.

    Second, READ the MOBO manual. It will tell you were and how to connect pretty much all of your components.

    Third, Review my Step-by-Step Guide to How to Build a PC in my signature. This will give you some good visual references and steps to make the move to your new case.
  2. Ok thanks, If thats a ThermalTake v9 your using in that pic which looks alot like does it come with molex adapters for the fans?
  3. I used an Antec 300 Illusion for my step-by-step guide. It had moles connectors for the fans, which the V9 will to. I built a build with the Thermaltake M9 in the beginning and it had molex connectors for the fans to.
  4. Power and reset switches have no polarity, so connect them any way you want.

    LED leads need to have the proper polarity. There will usually be a small + or delta stamped on the positive side. The colored side is usually positive. If you get it backeard, no problem. The led just won.t work and you can reverse the connection. Read the motherboard manual(and case manual) carefully.

    The PSU leads can only be connected one way. Don't try to force anything.
  5. Lastly, The PSU will have intake from the bottom of the PSU so were should the case be standing?
  6. The case stands normal, even for bottom mounted PSU. You will want to mount the PSU so the fan is facing up into the case (if your PSU has an exhuast fan on the top|bottom of it). If your PSU just has the fan on the back, it doesn't matter how it is mounted.
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