Vpu reover problem in ati 4670

i have got a problem named vpu recover while playing games. i can not play any games for that. it is a great problem. what to do? please show me the right direction.
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  1. VPU recovery occurs when the graphics card crashes. Crashes can be caused by many things:
    Improper or corrupted drivers.
    Excessive heat.
    Aggressive overclocking.
    Inadequate power.
    Hardware failure.

    You should start by uninstalling your current drivers, running a registry cleaner and perhaps driver sweeper (in Safe Mode, mind you), then rebooting and installing ATI's Catalyst 10.2 package. Once you're certain you've got an uncorrupted and stable driver package installed, we can move onto other possible factors.
  2. Could be your PSU can't hack it. List your specs
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