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Recently my GA-MA57SLI-S4 motherboard died on me, so I decided to upgrade my CPU, memory and motherboard to a GA-970A-UD3. My problem is I had two 320 GB hard drives stripped with RAID 0, and I was wondering if there was ANYWAY possible to bring them over to the new setup without losing any data. And if it is, how do I go about doing it?
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  1. if the controllers are of the same mfg then you may be able to plug the drives in, select raid in the bios, and the raid will be detected automaticly. if it is not then you need to rebuild the array. there are a few options you have, an easy recovery method is to build a new array on the 2 drives but dont install anything on them. boot from another drive or device and run a data recovery program on the drives. then having a 4th drive hooked to the comp of equal size to the amount of data you had copy all the found data from the new raid drives to the empty HD. you dont need to format them or make a partition. you can use tools such as get data back for NTFS to recover the data. if that fails then you need to start doing some more advanced recovery methods using sector copying. let us know if it works, good luck
  2. Well I plugged in the HD's. I followed the instructions in the book for a RAID setup, but I guess the controllers are not compatible. I thumbed through the book but it doesn't give any information on using existing RAID 0 drives. So am I up poop's creek without a paddle?
  3. no. did you build a new raid array with the 2 drives? if you do that and boot from another HD and start the recovery process you may get data. give it a shot
  4. it was attempted, according to the motherboard's booklet, rebuilding an array applies only to fault tolerant arrays "...such as RAID 1, RAID 5 or RAID 10". If there is a way I'm not sure how to do it.
  5. that is correct, im not talking about rebuild the array but rather make a new array using the 2 drives. it will pop up saying "danger all data on drives will be lost" just ignore that and make one anyway. then boot from another HD with windows or a USB drive, or a UBCD disk and leave the new raid array unformatted. then load a program such as "get data back for NTFS" and have a HD or USB drive handy to copy data to. when you run the NTFS program it should find files on the array.
  6. ncc74656 is right, rebuilding the array on the controller only changes your partition table. Your files are still there. You can run a data recovery program and afterwards copy the files to another disk.
    But you can also try another way. Download the freeware program Testdisk. Check the user guide on their site and let it run. If it recognizes your partitions you can write back the old partition table and your raid 0 will work again as before.
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