Ocz agility 3 60gb windows 7 firmware update?

i have a ocz agility 3 60gb with windows 7 on it and with all my programs and files on it. How do I update the firmware on the drive without losing all my data on it.
Ive got a seagate 1tb plugged in as a secondary drive also with windows 7 on it. and a external hard drive.
please give me insturctions on how to update without losing ym data
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    Boot into Windows on your Seagate HDD and install the OCZ Toolbox to update your firmware. Read the Firmware Flashing Guide for instructions on how to update the firmware.

    Here's the link for the Toolbox and Flashing Guide:
  2. will my ocz be wiped? or no, and thanks for reply!
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  4. hnijhar said:
    will my ocz be wiped? or no, and thanks for reply!

    No, it won't.
  5. thanks
  6. will my ocz be wiped if i use the ubuntu version of the update?
  7. thank you so much
  8. What i did was plugged my SSD into a other pc .. boot from the HDD from the other pc and used the program to update firmware .. and slected the SSD .. nothing was whiped unplugged and putted back into my own pc ...
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