Hard Disk cannot be found.

Today I took my GPU out to reapply thermal glue to the heat sink, prior to this I had been booting fine.

When I placed the GPU back in I'm met with 'Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter.'

I booted from hard disk from the BIOS with no luck, I checked all the cables and BIOS battery, with them all being okay as far as I could see, and with nothing important on the computer, I decided I'd just boot from a windows disk and re-install, but beforehand I decided to do a startup repair wherein the root cause was

"A hard disk could not be found. If a hard disk is installed, it is not responding".

And I have nowhere to install a fresh copy of win7 onto.

Iunno, I did the same thing with my GPU as I always do when re-applying thermal glue. No variation. Anyone encountered anything similar?

I'm at a loss. Read through a fair few threads with none really having a fix.
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  1. You mean thermal paste, not glue?

    Did you knock a SATA cable loose? Power & SATA plugged in all the way?
  2. Yeah, sorry, and nope, they're all plugged in. First time it happened I pulled them all out and reconnected them to make sure.
  3. Went to training and came back to the issue resolved. I'm not complaining but how strange. Ahwell. Thanks anyways.
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