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Just started overclocking my gtx 670 card with MSI afterburner, and I was wondering if there are any negative consequences to leaving my core voltage on max. My current overclock is +115 on core clock and +300 on memory clock if it helps. The reason why I'm asking is because when I play games my screen sometimes blacks out and I get returned to my desktop with all my afterburner settings reset. Thanks!
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  1. Hi,

    Yes there are negatives such as more heat build up, reduced life span of the card....
    I don't know what the max safe voltage is for a GTX670 or what MSI's max voltage limit is but you could be seriously damaging your card, so if you haven't already, do some research and find out what is safe for your card.
    Also it sounds like your overclock isn't stable or possibly that your load temps are too high.
  2. Personally i've reach a better overclock (it perform faster) at stock voltage and upping power limit and gpu boost...

    FYI: EVGA GTX680 superclocked signature
  3. Thanks for the helpful replies. After a bit of researching, I've found out that the gtx 670 automatically go to 1.175v under full load, so there's no point in controlling the core voltage.
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