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Caused by psu?

Hey guys im just wondering if anybody knows the safe overclocking speeds for 2 Nvidia geforce gts 450 cards connected via SLI.
I am using msi afterburner to overclock but i experienced slight screen tearing and black ops 2 freezing (multiplayer) so i reset the settings. My psu is a vantec and i think its ion+2 600w but i cant get to the sticker and i am using an intel 17 2600 and my motherboard is an intel dp67bg.

Cheers guys
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    What you are describing is typical of a heat and/or power issue. Honestly, I suspect your PSU in not up to the task of powering 2 OCed GTS 450s. Might be time for a better (I suggest Seasonic and Corsair) PSU.

    Sounds like you are fine at stock speeds.

    BTW, are you OCing your CPU and/or memory as well?
  2. i didnt oc my memory and my cpu isnt overclockable. (i needed the 2600k apparently) and i was looking at a 750w seasonic psu for a replacment
  3. it may just be the overclock on the cards themselves. you need to test one at a time. both with and without overclocks. I do see people having difficulties with sli\CF and overclocks.
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