Dg31pr and gaming

core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz
4gb ddr2 800 fsb
intel dg31pr motherboard
nvidia 6600 256mb
windows 7 ultimate

i have a problem playing assassins creed
game has crashed after reaching certain stage
further more i ve run this game at min requirements
yet quality of game and frames are not the required standard

do i need to change my motherboard
or is it better that i change my graphics card
and if graphics card then what would be the best option
budget fr graphic card is 70$
plz help
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  1. It could be that a driver update will solve your problems. Try going to www.nvidia.com and download the latest drivers for your graphics card.

    However, I do agree with an upgrade. For 70$, I would recommend the Radeon HD5570. nVidia doesn't really have any budget current-gen parts yet, so I wouldn't recommend nVidia cards. The closest nVidia card I could find that will fit your budget is a GT220, and between that and a Radeon HD5570, the HD5570 wins.
  2. I have the same motherboard but with a Q6600 G0.
    The only 'problem' I have with it is that the chipset heats too much.

    I'd upgrade the graphics card. I used to have a 8600 GT and it could not run Asssassins Creed at minimum on 1680x1050, I had to use a very low resolution.

    I think for $9 more, you could get a HD 5670 for $79, and it's a way better card for the budget. I'm getting one soon. :bounce:

    Just see if your power supply is enough for the card (although it drains little power).
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