Upgrade from i5 to i7?

hey all. I have a notebook that features an i5 430m. If I wanted to, could I upgrade to an i7 without any problems or would my motherboard not support it.

I have an asus G60jx. thanks!
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    It depends but most likely not some of the mobile I7s use the same socket as the I5's but I dont think you will see much of a performance gain to make it even worth considering.
  2. yeah i doubt it would make much of a difference
  3. I think the likelihood of upgrading a mobile CPU is pretty slim. As far as I know, most (all?) notebook manufacturers don't even use sockets... the CPU is soldered directly to the motherboard, I think.

    Even if you technically COULD upgrade it, it would most certainly void your warranty along with any support from Asus.
  4. well afaik many laptop these days use sockets. i have teo socketed laptops, my hp thats now dead had a socket for its core2duo, blah blah blah-ive even seen one with a full socket 478 for desktop p4 cpus...but the heatsink was huge and it had 2 huge fans. so its likely that cpu has a socket too
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