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Hey guys!

So i have been having this problem for a while and its getting annoyying now, Basicaly i have a custom built pc that cannot output any audio from the jacks however they used to before. I can only get audio from my hdmi connected tv and thats it. Just before the outputs started to stop working i would get aleternating messages saying "device plugged in & "device plugged out" continously. Now i have reinstalled the realtek drivers however the same thing happens. Windows shows the speakers plugged in and the green volume thingy also moves showing sound but the speakers dont work. I have tested the speakers with my ipod and they work fine. Please can someone help, its getting Very annoying ! . Currently windows shows that there is a mic plugged in however nothing of the sort is connected!

thanks! :D
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  1. Do you mean the front panel audio connectors? The connectors that are in the front of the PC? It could be that the FP_AUDIO connector in the motherboard has become loose. Try opening the case and making sure that the connectors are snug and try again.
  2. No, all of them, the front panel reads that there a speakers plugged in however no audio
  3. Can someone please help me?
  4. This is true per the link-> "ATI cards (and maybe some NVIDIA ones, I don't know) have their own built-in HDMI sound card in order to get audio to the HDMI connector--you actually choose it as the default audio device in the sound control panel. The problem with that is that Windows can only pipe sound through one sound card at a time... so if you choose the ATI HDMI digital output as your sound device then you won't get any audio from your onboard sound (or any other add-in sound card)"
  5. ^ This is true.

    My Radeon HD5750 shows an additional audio device for its HDMI connector. Whenever I select the HDMI audio, my other audio connectors lose their sound. Make sure your selected audio device is the onboard audio.
  6. If you have more than one audio output device onboard, such as S/PDIF, analog, coax digital, hdmi, etc., then you should make default the correct device to which you connect your speakers.
  7. I posted the link because it explained all of this and has alternatives. As you both are mentioning above.

    My work around(s):
    1. {Media PC + Plasma TV} was to use the TV's output and connect that to my 'Stereo'.
    2. {Media PC + Plasma TV} was to connect ALL {Input Devices} HDMI to an A/V Receiver for '5.1 & 7.1 Surround sound' which is connected {Output} to the TV.
  8. I have tryed the stuff above however everything used to work fine. Before the problem a just used to connect the 3.5mm jack to the speacker port behind my pc and and the audio used to come out of my speakers instead of the hdmi tv. Just to add when i plug a device into the mic port it says "device was disconnected" however when i remove the mic it says "device connected". Is the mobo blown up? I still have warranty on the mobo

  9. If the OS / Apps is no longer 'auto sensing' the change then either something has been updated {App or Driver} or has become corrupted. Many of the newer Apps / Drivers have been updates to discontinue 'auto sensing' because of failures such as this or worst changing to the wrong setting.

    The 'fix' would be to use System Restore and use a 'time' prior to the problem.
  10. Most on-board audio cards, by default, disconnect the analog outputs when an HDMI cable is plugged in.
    You can go into control panel, hardware and sound, manage audio devices to make changes.
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