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Hey. I run Vista 32 w AMD Athlon x2
TK 57's @ 1.90 GHz, 3 GB RAM (none dedicated)on a Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5900. A lot of new MMORPG's require shaders 2 and up, which is pretty tough on the comp, although I have to say that it's done a great job so far. I've added AMD's Dual Core Optimzer program and it definitely works, laptop is all I can afford with bills and a child on the way. Does anyone know of any tweaks for stabilizing the graphics on these 3D intensive, RAM chugging super games that wee just have to play? God knows, I couldn't imagine going without. Lol! Thanks! PS.. yes, I'm an integrated motherboard guy...sigh.
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  1. Turn down the details and lower the resolution... that's your best bet. Years back I gamed on a laptop with an ATI X1400 and it wasn't horrible... but Christ... that was 2006/2007... a lot has changed since then!
  2. it's funny, bc i run x1250...all drivers updated (10.2). the options on the game are very limited (aliiance of valiant arms by ijji) and i've tried quite a few methods, from game booster to running on balanced settings with the mipmap turned down...i still get that choppiness that everyone else seems to complain about....server issue? i intend to upgrade my ram to two kingston 2 gb's (ddr2 of course) since i'm running on just 3 gbs now, but i have to admit, laptop or not, this thing is no slouch for it's price range. anyway, i'll try to figure something out. thanks for the response. i appreciate it. :hello:
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