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In most of the country that overclock what is the temperature. I live in Thailand and its very hot it about 38 C in normal day.
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  1. that is really hot i recommend you to use a water cooling system a high end one i mean custom with some peltiers or something but as far as i can see you are in no condition to do that because you dont have the knowledge so buy a water cooling system named Corsair H100i and OC the CPU and take a close look on the Temps
    and go as far as you can the other thing you should let us know is what board ? and what CPU are you using like every cooling system solution you are limited by your environment temp , anyway you can try to push it as far as the CPU operation limit i recommend to make small adjustments only and test them measure temps and if your temps still good and push it a little bit more and do it like that until you reach your CPU temp limit.
  2. What's the question?
  3. Motherboard: z77 ud3h

    full load air con. on: 60
    full load no air con: 75 Max
  4. but when the liquid all gone in the tank it die and so I need to buy a new one so I don't buy it. Please let me know other that can decrease temp.
  5. 75 full load is cool? I'll think my motherboard and my cpu will die quickly if it 75 C.(But if when my motherboard die I'll buy like msi bigbang xpowerII haha...)
  6. I think I'll put my own pc in the small room with air condition so my pc is below 60 C
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