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i want these softwares
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  1. Don't we all, my friend... Don't we all.

    Sadly, there is no software download that will boost your Graphics Quality, frame rates, loading times, or gamer skills.
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    AMD Fusion Utility for Desktops

    Please note that it is in beta stages and is only intended for people using an AMD processor and ATI video card. Essentially what it does is close down unneeded services (themes, fax, servers, etc.), and auto-overclock your CPU and GPU.
  3. ^+1. It's especially useful if you have a PC from Best Buy or something. I don't use it though since I manually overclock and I limit the crap running in the background on my Vista Install. Can't say the same for my XP Install since I have all those pesky developer background services ^_^. I game in Vista so it's not really an issue, but I'm going to change Vista to my dev environment since I want to code DX10/DX11, and just use win 7 for games. Yeah I gotta get around to that :D.
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