Please help me figure out if my power supply and MB are compatible

I decided to upgrade my Dell Studio 540s to make it a gaming PC.
I bought Antec Nine Hundred 2 to fit my monster EVGA 260 GTX nVidia GeForce card.
Also I about Thermaltake, Black Widow, PS (850W) to feed the system.

For some reason, my new PS (Thermaltake) couldn't turn my MB up. The CPUs fan runs smoothly, which means there is power going into the MB. As usual, I troubleshooted the problem .. and here are the results:

I used dell's power supply to feed the system and the computer turned ON and worked smoothly with no problems. I switched to the TT PS and fans working, but the hard disk, and the graphics card aren't working.

I used Dell's PS to run the computer, and TT to supply power to my graphics card. The whole computer is running, and the graphics card is powered up but no picture on my screen.

I am not sure if TT PS's 24-bin connector is defected .. I am just assuming based on my troubleshooting.
Maybe the power supply isn't compatible?!
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    Bad PSU, there'e no 'special' wiring or compatibility needed with a standard ATX PSU. Assuming an OC Core 2 Extreme Quad Core and GTX 260 a 650W is sufficient.

    I would recommend that you exchange the Thermaltake PSU and get a Corsair or new Thermaltake.
  2. Be sure to plug in the 12v 4/8 pin adapter to supply power to the CPU.
  3. badge, the 12v 4-pin connector is connected .. So, I will go with jaquith that the PSU is broken. I will call the company and check whether they will replace it for free.
  4. Angrytree said:

    Maybe the power supply isn't compatible?!

    It's a possibility, in any case it doesn't work and is a pretty low quality unit, your best bet would be to replace it.
  5. ^Huh?! It's a typical semi modular ATX PSU

    edit: I don't like PSUs that don't spec their capacitor type or rail numbers, etc.
  6. This is but one example, there have been others over the years
    Read the big yellow box at the end.
  7. Reminds me of the last debate we had over Corsair using 5 year old links. AT vs ATX

    Duh - Huh?! The Yellow box referred to bad batches of PSUs. BTW - ALSO confirming my prior argument(s) with you that Antec is a POS PSU!
  8. Too funny
    As I said "one example"
    A couple of years back Enermax and EVGA had a similar issue, Corsairs TX 950 and 650 also had issue's with certain systems, replacing the TX650 with an Antec 650 fixed it.
  9. I remember the links well - it only showed that some Corsair PSUs were sub-manufactured, Corsair labeled, but were still very good. In contrast to the Antec bad PSUs.
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