Is what I'm experiencing an overheating problem?


I have two questions:

1) are the symptoms I'm getting overheating,
2) if so, any suggestions as to what I can do?!

The story: reloading XP on a Dell desktop that was obsolete from a local company. Three hard disks, each time same results, so not a hard disk problem.

PC runs for about an hour and then freezes solid, mouse doesn't move, power still on, numlock key works, but no other response, but only option is to power off.

Then power back on, works for maybe fifteen minutes, then dies, reboot again, dies almost straight away. Leave for an hour and the whole cycle repeats.

To me this seems classic overheating but the fans are working (1 cpu, 1 psu), the air coming out isn't hot and the heatsink isn't hot either.

If you run up a linux live CD (with HD removed) works fine for hours. If I soak test it with diagnostics booted from a floppy (with HD in) it runs for hours.

I'm confused.

Speedfan didn't recognise many components, unfortunately.

PC is a Dimension 4600, about seven years old, 2.66Ghz P4, 2Gb ram, IDE disks.

Any thoughts welcomed.
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  1. where did you get it?
  2. "obsolete from a local company"
  3. it is also possibly a failing hdd or power supply. also, it could be the ram or the mobo.
    -look at the mobo for any bulgy, leaky capacitors.
    -first off, test the ram with memtest, might be included with a linux cd.
    -then, if possible, test the psu with a psu tester. and monitor voltages with speedfan.
    -then, check ur hdd for bad sectors with super f disk
  4. in what city?
  5. Thanks for the options, it's unlikely that I have three failing hard disks (see op) and the soak testing (see OP) included memory testing, speedfan see OP.

    I will have another look at the mbo though and I may have a spare PSU I can put in.

    Interestingly this morning it refuses to shut down. I shut it down and it just reboots again! So I am leaning more towards mbo, I reckon.

    City? Chipping Norton
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