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  1. Is your SS# in all that by any chance?

    Might want to give CPUz and GPUz a look over as well. Perhaps you've got some weird bus settings or the PCIe slot is in 1x mode, etc.
  2. the ati card give 20% more in this game
    i would never get this game
  3. king game said:
    the ati card give 20% more in this game
    i would never get this game

    That really helps ........

    @ OP try reinstalling drivers after removing old via driver sweep in safe mode. Post back after. Also , what is the model # of your PSU ?
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    hello, i know what hte problem is, its your graphics card, this happened to me, as you can see in gpu-z, altho your clocks are 575 etc, its only going at 300mhz, restart your computer or something, it should be fine.

    mine goes down to 300mhz when my drivers crash, due to overclocking, ten i restart, its all good again.
  5. Those are probably the 2D clocks. They should increase once you load a game.
  6. Download drive sweeper and clean out old drivers in safe moed, then do a clean driver install.
  7. PSU model # ?
  8. When you play Metro or other games, does your GPU-Z show the core/memory clocks reaching full speed?
  9. Nvm, I was reading this forum topic:

    Even a 5970 couldn't play it very well with max settings. (And a 5970 is equal to two underclocked GTX295s in QuadSli, or roughly 4 GTX260s)

    Apparently Metro 2033 is a poorly coded piece game (probably worse coding than GTA4) that has problems in all DX versions, and fps takes an even larger hit when tessellation is turned on.

    It looks way worse than Crysis yet is even more hardware intensive than Crysis...long story short = bad coding, horrible optimization
  10. I just wanted to check your 12v rail. Just fine at 52a.

    +1 to BSOD I know quite a few people that have problems running this game.

    You might net a few frames by oc'ing but I would not expect too much. Just a poorly designed game.
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  12. The GTX 260 has a power saver mode, that down clocks it when it isn't needed. I have read in a few forums that some games don't stress (or it could be some sort of flaw in the power saver program) the GPU enough to make it clock back up.
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