42" inch tv with nvidia 3D vision?

can i use Nvidia 3D vision and get a good effect by using a 42" 200mzh LCD TV? this one: http://www.techdigest.tv/2009/06/review_lg_42lh5.html

or do i have to get a screen/tv with an DVI input? anything regarding this would be appriciated.
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  1. It won't work. To the best of my knowledge 3D Vision requires a monitor with 120Hz input (dual linked DVI-D).

    120Hz HDTVs and PC monitors operates differently. 120Hz PC monitors have dual linked DVI-D. As for HDTVs, the "120Hz" moniker (also applies to 240Hz) is for internal video processing to improve smoothness and "improve" video quality (kinda like making it seem more like live action) which creates input lag for gaming purposes. When gaming on a HDTV it's always best to switch to 60Hz mode, unless you like input lag. HDTVs only comes with 60Hz ports; no dual linked DVI-D.
  2. Regarding Dual DVI-D, it is interesting that NVidia's 3D Vision Kit lists 10' DVI to HDMI cable as one of the accessories that comes with the unit. Anybody have any ideas about that? Check out the link -


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