ATI HD5970, what can it do, no not benchmarks...

As someone quickly pointed out in the comments of the article below Microsoft and Sony are holding back gaming in a big way. Until we see a new console released developers don't have much incentive to take full advantage of the hardware out there. I think the gap between computing power today, not just with GPU's, but overall is just horrible. 10yrs from now we will laugh at the way websites look today. (,2560.html

Software developers need to begin using the power of the GPU to make "pretty" looking GUI's for things as simple as email. And the amount of advertising clutter on the internet needs to stop. I'd rather have an "ad profile" online that websites recognize and have ads tailored to my interests than have radom things pop up. Same goes for TV, I really hate seeing those tampon ads.

So what are your thoughts on these things and also what can the ATI Radeon HD5970 do graphically if pushed to the limit? Say compared to pixar animation? I'm not asking for links to benchmarks I've already seen those.
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  1. Ok here is a video of DX 10.1, I have to admit the water is amazing, but what would this look like in DX 11?

    can you embed youtube on these forums?
  2. The 360 has unified shaders and tessellation so it's limited more by its lack of raw power rather than it's architecture as far as graphics. Of course, the Xenos GPU is only capable of 24-bit precision so I suppose not so good for GPU accelerated calculations like physics :D. The RSX is more in line with DX 9.0c parts, and I think that proves more limiting.
  3. As for the Wii, yeah were just gonna leave that one out :bounce:
  4. megamanx00 said:
    As for the Wii, yeah were just gonna leave that one out :bounce:

    wiis more like a old people or children's console IMO, the hardcore gamers are using their pc's and a console (or both) most aren't using the wiimote :sarcastic:
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