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Does NSC go by a different name in XP?
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  1. I do not recognize that acronym. Please provide more details.
  2. Network Sharing Center? I'm anxious to set up my Verizon mobile MiFi and I need to do this in the control panel of my computer. It is compatible with XP but there is nothing in my control panel by that title so I'm wondering if it goes by a different name on my xp.
  3. On XP it is called Internet Connection Sharing.
  4. Thanks ever so much.
  5. Well oopsie,, there is nothing by that name either :-/
  6. In XP's Control Panel, it's called Network Connections and it's so obvious it's possible your icon is missing. If that's the case, go from Start to Run and into the Open box, type ncpa.cpl and hit Enter. There's also a se3ction called Internet Options and if you can't see that in Control Panel, find it from IE's Tools menu.
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