Break out for Firewire but no Terminal

Hello, I just bought the Cooler Master Elite 341 mATX Case. On the front it has the standard USB and audio parts. But, here's the catch, there are plastic breakout covers on the firewire and eSata ports but no ports.
Does any company sell firewire cables that connect to the motherboard and terminate at the front panel port?
I did my research and it only leads to 3.5 inch front panel slots. I'm interested in the cables by them selves since there is physical space for these cables.
Any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. well im sure some versions of the case include firewire and esata front panel connections. if i were you i would contact cooler master. its ur best bet of how to get the cables. however, a front panel 3.5 or 5.25' bay device would be easirer
  2. You could just purchase on of those cheap usb/fireware expansion brackets that fit in a pci slot, take off the firewire ports and attach it to the case.
  3. u would probably need a hot-glue gun thingy for that but it might work tho
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