How to take apart a gateway T 46

I took my laptop up north it worked fine for 4 days and on the fifth it just didn't want to turn on but it will charge. I left it in my tent, i guess i dont understand.
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  1. Right off the bat I'll say you shouldn't be looking at taking apart your laptop quite yet. If it comes to that then so be it but first off there are some simpler things you can do. As for why it might have happened, since you were camping and in a tent, it is possible that the system got wet. Lets hope this isn't the case and try a couple things.

    I guess the first thing I would suggest is removing the battery and unplugging the system. Then hold the power button in for a good 10 seconds. It is possible that your system got "stuck" in hibernate or sleep mode. After holding the power button in reinsert your battery and plug the system in. Attempt to boot.

    If that doesn't work, you could attempt to re-seat the RAM if you feel confident in your ability to do so. Basically you remove the bottom panel that is concealing your RAM and put slight pressure on the side prongs that are holding it in place. At this point the RAM will usually arc its way up so you can just pull it out. Then just reverse the process and put the RAM back in pushing it back down and letting the prongs snap it back in. Repeat the process with any other sticks of RAM that exist. Attempt to boot your computer.

    If you still don't have it booting then something has failed somewhere. It's possible that you have faulty RAM causing an issue with booting, but usually a system will still attempt to boot even with bad RAM. At this point it would seem more likely that your motherboard could be faulty. If the motherboard is indeed bad then replacing that does require a decent bit of complex work. There are guides out there if you feel confident in your ability to put a new one in, but you do need to be careful because you could do more harm than good if you just start pulling on things.
  2. take out the battery and run the laptop with plug
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