Will it remain stable?

I have a PHenom II x4 955 BE processor, and it isn't overclocked or anything, and I am using 2x4GB of memory (Corsair Vengeance), currently running at 1333MHz (though it's able to run at 1600 MHz) with the timings of 9-9-9-24 1T and 1.5V. My system is very stable and all, but I have some 4x4GB memory (Kingston HyperX) laying around (it is able to run at 1600MHz too), and I was wondering if my system would remain stable if I installed this Kingston memory, while running it at 1600MHz with the following timings: 9-9-9-24 1T and 1.65V, and without overclocing my processor, or changing its voltages. I only ask this because my porcessor, as one may know, isn't officialy able to run memory with frequencies higher than 1333MHz, but everyone knows it can possibly run.
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    Try it and find out.
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