3 pin cpu fan, and ASUS Fan Expert feature

In my new box, I'm using a non-stock cpu heatsink and heatsink fan.

The fan I'm using is a 3-pin-plug fan. I take this to mean that it can only be on or off, with no coolio control-ey stuff (such as the Asus fan speed stuff I can set up). That is, that the fourth pin in the power plug is to monitor etc fan speeds.

Is this the case? Any options open to me for this kind of fan?
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  1. If your MOBO is a 4-Pin header withthe Fan 3-Pin then there's no speed control. Some BIOS have a 3-pin setting that I would recommend setting if this is your case. Also, any CPU Fan speed should be done in the BIOS, the Utilities in general cause more problems than they solve.
  2. Ok, thanks as always jaquith. The cpu fan plug is in fact a 4 pin, but the Scythe fan I got is 3 pin, so yeah - I guess I'll have to assume no fan control (unless my bios has some kooky option I don't yet know about).

    Well, the time has come. Time to try to install win7 on this beast. Wish me luck!
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