No POST.. (no video signal) help!

My computer will no longer post. I built it about three weeks ago. It's amazing. I love it. I just bought an aftermarket CPU cooler the Arctic freeze 7. I installed it and booted but no signal was coming to the monitor.

Here is my system:

i7 930
p6X58D Premium mb
Corsair 750TX psu
OCZ Gold 1600mhz DDR3 RAM
Asus Vh242H 23.6" LCD

Here is what I've done since:

-I tested the monitor with another computer. It worked.
-I made sure everything was plugged in/secure.
-I reinstalled the stock cooler. Same result.
-I have just the RAM the cpu and the Vid card plugged in. Everything starts up fine but still not signal to the monitor.
-Have removed and reseated CPU/Vid card. Same result.
-I tried the video card in another PCI-e slot. No luck.

I'm thinking something might be wrong with my video card
. I'll try XFX support and Asus in the morning when they are open. Anyone got any ideas till then
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  1. A very good read me about problems like this

    Make sure you plug in the CPU fan

    Make sure you have the power to your GPU

    Make sure you put the 8 pin plug back to the mobo

    Try to reset the CMOS
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