AMD Phenom II X6 1055T OR core i7-860?

specifically between the dell xps 7100 and that dell xps 8100. Which one is better? I'd be doing basic every day tasks like browsing, word documents, playing music, and some gaming (I'd be opting for the 5770 with the i7, and 5870 with the phenom). What is the difference between the two? Is it very noticeable?
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  1. Are you doing very intense gaming? The 5870 is a $400 graphics card.

    If you want something for gaming it may be better to look into something cheaper like a Phenom II X4 955, or i5-750. They will perform very similar to those CPUs in gaming. Then dump the rest into a GPU or w/e else.

    For your other tasks you wouldn't notice the difference between a single core and an x6.
  2. Quote:
    I'd be doing basic every day tasks like browsing, word documents, playing music, and some gaming

    Which games do you play & @ what resolution?
  3. I'd mostly be playing games like MW2, BFBC2, Starcraft 2, Diablo III, and maybe a few others. Hopefully I'd be playing at 1920x1080 as I'll be getting a full HD monitor.
  4. The 860 will outperform the 1055t in games. But at that resolution, you tend to get GPU limited anyway, so the 1055t+5870 would be better simply because of the superior GPU.
  5. How big would the difference between the two processors really be though? I mean, a dif of 10-15 fps is not even noticeable for me when it reaches a certain point (like above 50 fps or so).
  6. Will I notice a difference in things other than gaming? I won't be doing very intensive stuff like photo/video editing or encoding, but just basic stuff like browsing, movies, music, word documents, etc. Would I actually notice a difference?
  7. Quote:
    Had a X3440 which is pretty much a slower 860 and the 1090T now and i can't tell the differences. Both were overclocked.

    Ah that's good. I've read a lot of forums and and it seems that most people either can't tell the difference between the two processors, or the difference is so large (the 860 being better) that they even switched back from using 1055t.
  8. How long would a pc with a 1055t and HD 5870 last me?
  9. I would definitely go with the i7, as even high-end core 2 quads [q9650 and extremes] are capable of outperforming the 1055t. I wouldn't buy something that has 6 cores if those 6 couldn't perform as well as a 4-core intel. Also, the 5770 is more than adequate for the games mentioned. Any framerate over your refresh rate is a waste.
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