GeForce 9400 GT

i using NVDIA GeForce 9400 GT.
but the graphic is still not very nice for me to play that this graphic card no suit for gaming ?
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  1. Nope. That card is not really geared towards gaming. Gaming performance also depends on how high your graphic settings are and the resolution you play at.

    You can't expect decent performance from a low end card. If you are looking for an inexpensive gaming card for okay to descent performance then consider something like the HD 4670 or 9600GT.

    See below review of inexpensive video cards from a year ago.

    I would guess the current generation HD 5570 is about as powerful as the HD 4670 / 9600GT.

    Here's a review of the HD 5670 512MB video card which you can purchase for less than $100 in the US.
  2. ok..thx for ur suggest
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    As jaguar said,9400GT isn't a good card for gaming so you may want to upgrade it.if so then post your system specs and your budget and we can help you more :)
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