External box: eSATA and USB2.0 at the same time?

Hello everybody

Please help me with this topic:
I have external box for SATA 1 3.5" drive http://www.lan-shop.cz/i-tec-mysafe35usb2-110831
This box has eSATA and USB2.0 output.

Question: Is it possible to connect both (eSATA and USB2.0) at the same time to two independent computers (desktop and notebook)?

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  1. I highly doubt it.

    I suspect only one interface may be 'hot' at any time.
  2. No, as wisecracker mentioned. I believe it's related to only one machine being able to access the drives controller at once. There are usb switches for this, which basically accomplish manually moving a usb cable by pushing a button instead.
  3. OK, thank You both. And what about possibility of hardware demage if I forget to remove one of connected cable?
  4. That likely will not be an issue.

    I suspect you may find a slight work-around if you tweak at it.

    If you use AHCI drive set-up, you might try to disable the drive in Windows, power-down the external enclosure and switch to the other build.
  5. Thanks
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