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Hello.First of all i want to say tnx to all the ppl here cuz many times i found the solution for some problems on this forums,but now its my time to ask and i do it for first time so dont be hard for my bad English and nooobishnes :).I got some old pc and now i got an E8400 C2D for free(i read its quite a killer CPU allthought it is old) and an MSI GT 9500(wich i want to replace it asap).Now to the point.I found in a local store very cheap MB that looks good ECS X48T-A .So i did some google and search in local shops so candidates are Corsair Dominator kit 2x2 Gb ddr 3 1333/1600 Mhz and i heard another local shop is getting mushkin RAMs.i'm not an PC expert and i know these are hi-tech parts but this is best i can afford for now so every opinion and advice is welcomed.
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  2. Stay away from Corsair. I've had multiple friends build systems around high-end Corsair memory only to send them right back out the door for an RMA.

    I'm running Mushkin in my system with no drama. Other good brands include G.Skill and Patriot IMO. There may be some debate with regards to differences in performance with these brands but I doubt many people will tell you that any of these brands have a high failure rate.
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