What to do with my i5 750 and ~$500

So I got rid of some stuff today (namely my old crappy car) and I have a few hundred (about $500, because I was planning on just getting over $1,000 for the car and ended up getting $1500) just burning a hole in my pocket. I've thought on either getting a 5870 or a GTX480 but for the games I play I wouldn't see much of a need or benefit over my 4890. I play WoW and GTA IV. I have a PS3 and XBox 360 for primary gaming so I don't think those new cards will help me see any higher FPS.

My current setup for my i5 build is a (obviously) i5 750 OC'd to 3.6 Ghz (cooled with a Corsair H50) 3 hard drives (WD Black 1 TB primary, Green 1 TB secondary, Blue Scorpio Laptop drive for Wife's storage) and a GA-P55A-UD3 motherboard. It's all stored in a CM 922 HAF and powered by my Antec 550W NeoPower 2.0 PSU. The only "kink" I think is my now dated Patriot DDR3 1333 (9-9-9-24) which has to be over volted to 1.7V to be stable. At any speed.

I also have a G11 keyboard, a GigaTech 2.0 sound setup via Creative, and an Acer H213H monitor that has served me well the past ~ 2 years. So I think, aside from dropping down some cash and getting Win 7 Pro 64 I am at a loss. Maybe some nicer memory (Speed and brand recommendations?) I was also considering maybe a fan controller (Although I run Enermax Apollish fans, modded to run full speed. 71 CFM, good static pressure, keeps my H50 cool with one unit.) but I really don't know what else I could want.

Maybe a new sound card (or some Razer THX speakers? :D ) or perhaps the G19 keyboard and I think it's the G9 mouse. Anyhow, some suggestions would be appreciated. I am going at noon tomorrow with my Dad to frys and would like to have a shopping list by then.

PS: Part of me is also thinking on getting a Asus Formula for my AM2+ build, but not sure if it's worth throwing money at AMD when I have this lovely i5 at the moment.
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  1. Is there anything you cant do on your PC that you would like to ? If not save the money and see in 6 months if you need something.
  2. Yeah, I would like more RAM. Mostly I am interested in getting 8 GB because at the moment 4 is OK but the sticks them selves are a bit old and slow. I was thinking Mushkin or G. Skill. OCZ isn't exactly a brand I trust, but I suppose if it was cheap enough I would go with them.
  3. I ended up picking up an XFX 5850 Black Edition and putting the remaining cash in the bank. Got it for $340, but after tax is was $375 out the door. Gotta love California and our local tax of 9.25%. But this damn thing SCREAMS.
  4. I know what you mean, I am in SoCal myself its a shame what supply and demand do, because i bought my Sapphire HD 5850 for 260 when it first came out.

    And my i5 750 was 149.99 @ microcenter
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