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Ok so today i got a new 990fxa-ud3 mobi, 8120 and corsair force gt ssd.
I unhooked my hdd(current os) and hooked my ssd. I put in the windows 7 dvd and it says boot disk failure, enter cd and press enter. My dvd is in and pressing enter doesent help. What to do? The pc posts eith old windows abd hdd but i want to install new wuindows on ssd and then plugin my hdd and format it. What to do?

Sorry for typos, im on my ipod
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  1. I'd try:
    - hook up the ssd, boot from the hdd, flash the ssd's bios to the latest version
    - shut down, unplug hdd
    - boot, go to bios, set sata to AHCI and boot order to the dvd first

    See if that gets you anywhere. If so you can add the hdd back later and set boot order back to ssd first.
  2. How do i flash ssd bios? Also when i boot up from hdd i cant access my ssd via my ckmpuyer but it shows up on device mgr
  3. Check the crucial support site for a firmware updater (may be called a toolkit or some such). The updater/toolkit may be able to find it even tho windows can't.
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