GA-MA780G-UD3H Posting problem / questions.

GA-MA780G-UD3H Posting problem / questions.



4 megs ram ( 2 gig each slot 1, 2 Kingston ram - recommended chip for this board)

AMD2 chip,

550 new PSU,

Gigabyte graphic card.

DVD-RW ( new) & HD ( new) both SATA

Computer post :

Gigabyte Logo page shows and changes to second screen :

"Sec. master disk: none
sec. slave disk:none

DDR2 at Dimm: 1,2

Ide chanel 2

Master disk HDD S.M.A.R.T. capacity disabled

PCI device listings ;;;; lists pci device"

Then text says " verifying DMI pool data..." and screen hangs.

1- Should I wait, and for how long ?

2-should i remove the graphic card, 1 chip, & the hd & try again ?

Any suggestions ? thanks ! :pt1cable:
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    You might want to check in the Bios and turn off the floppy disk option. Comp may be trying to boot from it. Also, I would check and see what the boot sequence is and what exactly the comp is set to boot from. Most probably something is not quite right in the Bios.
  2. Thanks. Solved

    I was able to use pause to check the first screen after the logo & I could then see if my hd ans dvd was shoeing, etc. I then hit f12 to set the cd/dvd option to load win xp pro - I wabt to move up to xp x64 or win 7 soon as they ar 64 bit programs. hanks for help. Machine is working. Problem was a faulty interrupt start switch in case.
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