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Connect both the 24 pin connector and the 8 pin connector, the 24 pin powers the motherboard components and the 8 pin provides power for the CPU.

The antec 300 has tri-cool fans which only have 4 pin molex connectors which you connect directly to the PSU not the motherboard. Their speed is controlled by the switches attached to them.
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  1. Yes, both the 24pin and the 8-pin is required.
    Ones for the CPU and ones for the Mobo and the PCIe lanes.

    As the fans, connect them to the MoBo slots separately or youll get fans that run at 100% all the time.

    ^+1 on the tricool fans, thanks for clearing that up.
  2. I am building my first computer as I type this. My first question is regarding connecting the PSU (Antec EA-650) to the MoBo (GA-P55A-UD3).

    Please don't laught too hard...

    Do I connect both the ATX_12V_2X4 and the ATX cable to the board? or just the ATX cable? I'm running an i5-750 and GeForce GT240.

    Second question is regarding the case fan power connections on an Antec 300.

    Do I connect the top and rear fan together then connect that to the power supply line that then connects to the MoBo? if so do I then connect that cable to the SYS_FAN1 or SYS_FAN2 or the PWR_FAN connection on the MoBo?

    Thanks for the help everyone! First time in anything is always a doozy...
  3. New Edit: Okay, so fans are not connected to the MoBo, correct?

    Thanks for the replys!

    Regarding the case fans the answers seemed to diverge.

    One of the groupings of cables coming from the PSU seems to have a small 4 pin connector which I believe fits into ths SYS_FAN2 space on the MoBo. Along that same line there are molex connectors. So if I understand this right... I connect the top and rear fan seperatly into the molex connectors along that line and then connect that line into the SYS_FAN2 space on the MoBo?
  4. NO NO You will fry something! the 4 pin is for floppy fans connect to a larger 4 pin (molex) or to the motherboard (fan header)
  5. That small 4 pin connector is for a floppy drive, do NOT connect it to your motherboard, it will blow the fan header. Many modern PSUs do not even have that connect anymore since almost nothing these days needs it.
  6. Ha! I like the NO NO! don't want to do something stupid. So to sum up, the fans only connect to the PSU and nothing else, right?
  7. wel it depends on the connectors on the fan wires
  8. The fans are Tri-Cool fans which came with the case. Each has a Molex and a 3 speed switch for choosing a fan speed. So just plug each Molex into the coresponding connections on the PSU and I'm done, right?
  9. small connector on the wire goes to motherboard large 4 pin goes to psu 4 pin. If the fans have both plug it in to one or the other not both.
  10. Yup.
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