Will a micro-ATX mobo be able to hold together a gaming rig just fine?

Originally, I thought that I would want to buy an ATX motherboard for my build (ostensibly, I wanted to add a Crossfired GPU down the line), but I'm thinking of just going with a Micro ATX form factor to save money; I can always just buy a new motherboard down the line.

What are the downsides to a mATX mobo? And if I have a high quality CPU (AMD PIIX4 955) and GPU (Radeon 6870), would it perform any weaker than the same components on a full ATX board?
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  1. Quote:
    my to complete builds and not barebone builds are both mATX builds.
    they do of course have a few mATX boards with x-fire and sli. (i prefer sli but that's another story...;))

    Okay, let's just say that for now, I've ditched the idea of x-firing -- I am getting a 6870, which is a powerful card by itself. I return to my original question: will I see any detrimental effects on performance?
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