AGP X1950xt vs AGP HD4670 1gb

AGP X1950xt vs AGP HD4670 1gb

I am attempting to upgrade an old AGP machine with 1gb RAM running WIN XP PRO that currently houses an X1950xt 512mb that has since started to have multiple memory failures. I bought the HIS IceQ HD4670, and after what I considered a successful install of the HD4670, I saw that my PC was running a tad slower with opening, closing and manipulating Internet Explorer seems slower, (( moving windows around the screen shows tearing and lag )) and when running games such as Counterstrike Source, and TF2, the framerates have gone from roughly 120fps in 1920 x 1600 ( i think that was the res ) all the way down to 44fps with less effects turned on. I got these fps scores using Coutnerstrikes Video Stress Test and ran them several times just to make sure. So my question is, have I done something wrong installing this card? Is my 500w power supply not enough? Should this card be faster then my x1950xt ?? Or should I dust it back off, reinstall it, and RMA my HD4670??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would assume the HD 4670 and X1950XT should be comparable.

    Try uninstalling the video drivers in Safe Mode, then install the latest driveres.
  2. So I definitely should not be seeing a 60-70% decrease in speed, correct? Im not near the machine right now but will definitelytry to do what you suggested. Also, not that it matters, I am running Direct X 9c as this is a Win XP machine.
  3. Gave it a shot... no dice... and the version of the x1950 I have is the pro... not the xt like I thought.... In any case... the 1950 still seems to be outperforming the 4670 by about 300%.... Is there anything else I could possibly be doing wrong???
  4. Don't know... a fresh install of the OS might fix the issue?

    There are no direct benchmarks between the X1950Pro and the HD 4670. Below are links to separate X1950Pro and HD 4670 reviews. The common card for reference in the two reviews is the HD 2900XT.

    Since the cards are different generations, the test PC rig is different and resolution used is different as well. The common games in both reviews are Far Cry, FEAR, Prey and Quake 4. Looking at 1600 x 1200 resolution for the X1950Pro and 1680 x 1050 for the HD 4670 is pretty comparable.

    When using the more powerful HD 2900XT as a common comparison for both cards, the following are the performance differences compared to the slower cards:

    HD 2900XT vs. X1950Pro:

    Far Cry = 8%
    FEAR = 39%
    Prey = 41%
    Quake 4 = 54%

    HD 2900XT vs. X1950Pro:

    Far Cry = 8%
    FEAR = 30%
    Prey = 17%
    Quake 4 = 40%

    It's no surprise that he HD 2900XT beats both cards, but the performance difference vs. the HD 4670 is a little less than the performance difference vs. the X1950Pro. Or in other words; the HD 4670 should be somewhat faster than the X1950Pro.
  5. Well I think Im just going to RMA the card, and save up for a new rig... I will probably just take the latest issue of PC gamer and piece together what they consider the top of the line
  6. Yeah.. RMA it
  7. Ended up just buying an i7 930 with 6gb kingston HyperX ram, 750gb hd, 22x dual layer dcd RW, internal media reader, radeon 5870 w/1gb ram, liquid cooling and extra 9mm fans, all running win 7 pro... Aeperia case... $1490 delivered.
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