How to recover cyclic redundancy error of external hardisk

my seagate external hardisk cant open or copy ~while i open my file n try 2 copy it out ,it just say cyclic redundancy error~i have use recuva or recoveryy sofware to recovery d file but also useless bcause of cyclic redundancy error ~pls help me ~i dun 1 lost all i download movies T~T
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  1. Sounds like your disk may be shot! I've never seen that kind of error on an HDD only on DVDROM with a bad disk. Try running a disk check for errors.
  2. I have had good luck as in perfect recovery using paid software made for this. I can't remember the name, but it let me trial download and it looked at the disk to see if it would work. Had to buy it to actually recover the disk, and when I did that it worked. Look for software.
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