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Hi, I am facing a major Dilemma.. I got a antec 302 case, with an ivy bridge 3570k with evo 212. I want to put in a h220 or an h100 water cooler but do not have the space for it! On another post on the forum I asked if I can install the 302 water cooler, and someone said I can externally.. I phoned and they said they can't that the case is too small! Did they not understand I want it externally? Does anyone know of any places in surrey that can install it ? Is there any other case around 80 $ that can include my p8z77 mobo and a dual radiator? Can I even install a dual radiator outside the case on my antec 302 because I don't wana spend extra cash.

thats one photo of someone install it externally.. could i do that on top of my case? Would I be able to install it myself the h220, I have no cpu installing experience.
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  1. The photo shows a custom loop which is quite a bit different than an All-in-One. The Swiftech H220 would allow for such routing since you can remove the tubing for fitment through holes then refill the loop, no other current All-in-One can do that and still mantain warranty.
    You should be able to do the installation yourself, watching a few vids should be of help too, this one seems to be good as a start
  2. If you modded the case, you should be able to fit either a custom loop or an H100 inside an Antec 300/302.
  3. Old old question
    Just umount your hdd bay and you got there good space for 240 AIO
  4. Not sure why you posted a response on a thread that has not been active for over 4.5 years.

    Closing this thread.
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