Choosing Digital Video Camera - Help need!

Hi Peeps,

I need the help of all you experts and people who own Digital Video Cameras. I don't know much about it and I only own a FijiFilm 2800z Digital Camera and now want to get myself a nice Digital Video Camera.

What am I suppose to look for in a Camera? I want to use it for recording family and friend outings, party's and just take it around are record all the nice daily things. Would also like to record night shots, so 'n night view type will be nice.

So what Camera do you have? What would you recommend? Where can I look? Price? etc. I recon I'll spend +- £1000 on it, but would not mind picking up one that will do it for me for less than that.

Please help me out here as you've always done it the past.



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  1. Ditto Snowar.

    I'm looking at cameras too.

    I've decided resolution is the most important thing I want. Over all other variables. I'd like to stay under $350, but if you have experience with any cameras near or over that mark, I'd like to hear about them.

    Zoom is very nice, but secondary to everything else. This isn't going to be a "primary" camera; have an advavantix for that. But I want to be able to shoot stuff, and only use up some time and a cdr/rechargable-battery.

    I read about "iso" in the past (whatever the acronym; how close you can get to an object). And "shudder speed". I'm just starting to scour the net for information, so anything anyone knows would be good. I'd like to be able to take action pictures close to what iso 400 can do. And taking "movies" or rapid-shots would be nice too, so I can capture a sequence.

    Low light ability is nice, but from knowing a bit about military IR pods, I know I'll pay out the whazoo for more sensitive CCD's. Any experience with good low-light cameras I'd like to hear about.


    P4's @ 3600Mhz ()wNz J00 4LL!!!!!!
  2. I'm now using Sony 707.
    I really enjoyed it's night shot. It have f/2.0 and 190mm. plus laser AE and IR night shot. The output is very sharp, and power consumtion is low.
    BUT! the AF time is a bit long.............
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