Is the Windows 7 RC ready for gaming?

Hey all,

I've been staying away from Windows 7 for a while due to a couple concerns. I think they're starting to get that fixed, but want to get a few things cleared up first before hand.

1) Is it ready for gaming? I've heard that Steam has some issues with the 64bit version of it, and that concerns me. How are ATI's 64 bit drivers?
2) I know that you can do an upgrade from Vista without doing a clean wipe. But will I be able to do the same from the RC to the retail build? Having to do a clean wipe would be pretty much a deal breaker for me.

Here's my build, if its relevant
ASUS P6T 1366 X58
Core i7 920
ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB
OCZ 1333 RAM - 12 GB (I know, I know)
LG Blu-Ray HD-DVD combo drive
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  1. I did some searching on this as im moving onto Win7 64, from what I have read, Steam is ok and steam games are ok, eve online is also ok. I read that COD4 falls over and punkbuster has issues as well so I guess it depends on what you play. And have read posts from people who have done the upgrade path without major issues. Im still trying to download the damn thing tho, every time I get it from MS the file size varies and it comes out corrupt! bah...
  2. I had some problems with Crysis Warhead, getting in the door was the biggest challenge an being able to find what compatability it would run on and setting the screen resolutions were a challenge.

    After that was done the gameplay itself was smooth and problem free.

    Really the RC is still testing territory so you should set it up on either its own HDD or at least its own partition, so you can learn it.
  3. I mainly play Steam games and Stardock RPG's with a mix of Oblivion, The Witcher and Crysis thrown in for good measure, so it sounds like those are pretty stable once you get into it. You guys know anything about upgrading from the RC to the retail build?
  4. I can confirm that I have had no problem running The Witcher, Hawx, CoDWaW, Eve Online, Lord of the Rings Online and WoW. I am running RC X64.
  5. No problems here 64 bit windows 7 Build 7100 all games working: Counter-Strike Source; World of Warcraft; Hawks; Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena; Far Cry 2; Left 4 Dead; Cod4 ; Crysis warhead. an many others have no problem whit them (just CS:S didn't start, right click on shortcut properties compatibility run this program windows xp sp2 and that fixed the problem)
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