Intermittent Cold Cathode (light) dimming.

Hey all, I had a question!

Does anyone know what could be causing a 12" Logisys cold cathode, aside from that fact that it's a cheap POS, to fail (after using it for a whole week, oh my!)? It's not out and out failing, its more like it just stops giving off any noticeable light. If I look at it directly, the tube looks kind of like a solid colored object (the point being, it's not turning off, just "turning down").

I've tried pushing the system, in the off chance that it's a power issue and it is, somehow, just the only thing feeling the pain, but Furmark, along with cpu burn-in, along with defragmenting all my harddrives at the same time, had no effect on the light. At other times, I'll be doing basically nothing (like just browsing the web), and it can have faded out completely. So that doesn't seem to be it.

The change isn't fast enough for me to see, i.e., if I stare at it, I don't notice it going back and forth, nor do I notice a loss of light out of my peripheral vision, so it seems to be slow yet severe.

I'm out of ideas (not that I had many to begin with, I guess). Anyone have any clues?
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  1. It could be a bad power converter - the little blue box that came with the lights. RMA the package for another.
  2. +1 thats a bad transformer RMA it or live with the intermittent dimming.
  3. Hmm, I actually ordered two (but only used one) so I have another inverter laying about here somewhere. I'll try swapping them out.
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