Quick question on oc GTX 560 Ti and 3DMark11 score

So I have an EVGA GTX 560 ti and have overclocked to 910 core and 1820 Shader. I have ran 3DMark11 with no artifacts and overheating issues. Is this just a moderate overclock for this card? What are your scores if you have the same card?
I recieved a score of P4579 and cannot find the option on futuremark for a single card ranking list.

So is this a decent score?
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  1. What are the specs for your complete system? Also, how are your CPU and GPU idle and loaded temperatures?

    Providing this info will help forum members give you a more informed opinion on your performance.
  2. mobo- z68x-ud3h-b3
    12 gb ram
    evga gtx 560 ti @ 960
    i5-2500k @ 4.4GHz stable
    thermaltake big water cpu cooling system

    gpu idles: 32c min 36c max
    cpu idles: at about 40c
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    Found this info for you:

    Your score is pretty close. Looks like you have a solid rig.
  5. Wait a sec though, on what you showed me the score came up as 4710. Due to this being a review of the 560 Ti, I would think it would be safe to say that the information is based on a stock gpu. I have overclocked mine and im getting a lower score than that. Is there a better gpu stress testing program out there?
  6. You would have to replicate the test settings and system configuration to get the same results. Depending on the benchmarking app, OCing the CPU may have little or no impact on the outcome.

    Take a look at some of the Unigine (free) benchmarks. A popular one for GPUs is the Valley offering. Get it here:
  7. Hi Flakkattack,

    This would be considered a fairly mild OC'ing. Over-volting your GPU will get you more results, but reduce the lifespan of your card. I have mine running at 1.00v (extremely conservative) and am getting a stable 930MHz core and 2052 (stock for my card) memory speed. My 3Dmark11 score is 4320, and I have a similar rig to yours. I would say, unless you really need more performance, leave it as it is. Over-volting will get you more, but unless you are being fairly aggressive it will only net you another 4-6 frames per second. To me, that's not worth it. I haven't got GPUs to throw away.

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