Formatting Exterior Hard Drive For Pc and Mac

Hello, i have recently purchased a Seagate Go Flex Desk Hard Drive, 2tb usb3.0, and am wondering how to format it for both pc and mac? Thanks
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  1. The easiest way to go is to use FAT32, though that's an older filesystem with limitations compared to modern filesystems.

    If you use HFS+ (the native Mac filesystem) Windows won't recognize it out-of-the-box; likewise Mac has limited support for NTFS. Full support for either (HFS+ on WIndows or NTFS on Mac) is available through software available online. On Mac, you can also use a hack to enable full read and write for NTFS ( though that procedure isn't the most user-friendly

    Also, current Macs don't support USB 3.0 (they use Thunderbolt instead). The drive will work in a mac's 2.0 port, but will be restricted to slower USB 2.0 speeds.
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