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i got a question about my computer. here is a CPU-Z validation of what i got.


My last computer crashed and was old, now i want to do more with this computer. I bought this off of a co-worker and put a fresh copy of windows 7 on it. but don't know much about computers to say the least. I'm wanting to watch blu ray definition movies and play some 1st person shooting games and racing games on it. i have just a generic LCD screen for browsing the internet, but have a s-cable (i think its called) to hook it up to my 1080p TV for movies and games. Can this machine handle what i am wanting to do? or how can i upgrade it to do it or is it even possible. Thank you in advance
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  1. Its a starting point atleast, if you want to game you will need to upgrade the GPU, an 8500GT isnt going to perform very well. It should handle blu-ray alright. You are going to want something different than an S-Video cable to connect to your HD tv with. Does it have HDMI in as that would be your best option.
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