New Computer Freezes in Win7 and Fedora Install

Hi all. Just got all the parts in from newegg for my new pc and im having some issues. My problem is that everytime i go to install windows 7 it crashes. After the first screen comes up and i choose my language, click next, click install, it will say windows is starting setup but after about 30 sec the cursor will freeze and it will not let me install. I have tried this with two different copies of windows 7. One freezes while loading setup, the other copy freezes as it gets to the completeing installation screen. I know at least one of these copies is good, because i installed it on the laptop i am using now (the one that gets to completeing setup and crashes). Normally i would have dissmissed this as me having the bad luck as to download 2 bad copies. BUT i also downloaded Fedora 12 (Linux) and it would get half way through booting (live cd) and it would freeze also. This leads me to believe it is a hardware issue. Also windows 7 gave me a BSoD error that said: "quota_underflow 0x00000021 (0x82a6e740, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0xffffffff)" i googled this and it came back saying i should uninstall any new hardware and find drivers for it. Well i cant exactly do that since all my hardware is new. Heres what ive done so far.

1. Ruled out dvd drive as problem. I tried booting from my new Asus drive, and also tried through usb on a Pioneer drive. Fails to boot on both.

2. Ruled out ram. Although Fedora 12 would not boot, i was able to select memtest86 from the menu and the ram passed.

3. Ruled out dvds as problem. I burned two copies of each windows, and one copy of fedora. All five disks failed to boot. Although it may be worth mentioning that i was able to boot into Chrome OS (Flow) from a usb flash drive.

Really all this leaves is the CPU, motherboard, and hard drive to cause the problem. Im at a loss as of what to do and im really disappointed that my first gaming rig is already having problems. Ive RMA'd the motherboard back to newegg because it doesnt support ACC. Ill have a new Asus board in a few weeks and ill be able to rule that out as the problem. If anyone had any insight into this id love to hear it. My setup is:

AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE
4GB OCZ Platinum DDR3
Biostar TA890GXE
Antec 650W psu
XFX Radeon 5770 (i used onboard video while trying to install everything)
160Gb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm
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  1. Thanks.. i just finished reading everything in there but most of it is stuff ive already done. The only thing i did not do that was in there was try booting with only the cpu on the board. If i have any problems with my asus board (should be here wedneseday) ill try that.
  2. I'm thinking you are on the right track. Let us know if the new board doesn't fix everything.
  3. Oh, and this should have been in the homebuilt section or perhaps motherboard section ;)
  4. thanks, asked a mod to move it. i will keep you guys updated
  5. OK so i got my Asus board today.. but oh wait whats wrong you ask? Well obviously nobody thought to look at the motherboard before it left the factory because THE MOTHTERBOARD THEY SENT ME IS BENT. Honestly i can understand maybe a bad chip or something but really? Do they have no quality control at all? Ugh sorry for ranting but i am getting tired of this. Im thinking of just rma-ing everything back to newegg and trying to get some of my $700 back. If anyone can offer me some sound advice in the next two days i will consider it but as of now im putting everything back in its respective box and getting it ready to ship. Ill be calling Newegg in the morning because i am NOT paying return shipping on all this so if theres anything i should add to that phone call do let me know. Thanks
  6. I'm sorry you have had bad luck, but honestly I've never had a problem with newegg. I have spent many thousands over the years with them too.

    Unless it was an opened box product, you'll have to blame Asus on that anyway.
  7. i know, i do blame asus for it (even after hearing asus quality this and asus quality that and its oh so good) but if i keep having to rma board after board im going to run out of my 30 days (over half up already) and then with my luck once i finally find a working board, ill find out the hard drive or cpu or dvd drive or something else is broken and then i wont be able to rma it. And honestly i dont have to money to buy ANOTHER board so ill have to wait on my refunds from the first two before i can do anything. Looks like ill be about $650 closer to buying my first car though...
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